☞ Derma Prime VL - Cog

posted Dec 18, 2013, 6:38 PM by Administrator Company   [ updated Jan 25, 2016, 6:09 PM ]
Derma Prime VL Cog thread for dramatic lifting effect & continuous skin rejuvenation

1. What is Derma Prime VL Cog?
     Made of polydioxanone cog suture approved by MFDS(KFDA)
      New lifting cogs & barbs technology thread

2. Advantages of Derma Prime Cog Thread
    Considerably strong dual cut barbs, while other cog brands are weak and easy to break
    Durable, safe and lasts long
    Tone up skin color
3. Various range of specification
    Face - Forehead, Mid face, Jaw lines and nose
    Neck - tightening, lifting
    Breast - Shaping
    Wrinkles - Nasolabial fold, fine wrinkles and others 

4. What can Derma Prime Cog thread bring you
   Those strong cogs make collagen fiber synthesis in your skins

5. Effects 
    No scar & Quick return
    Improvement of facial wrinkles
    Tones up the color
    Restrains skins and wrinkles from aging process

6. How does it work inside face skin 
7. Using blunt cannulas for less blood, pain and downtime on your patients
8. Specification